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Revising the Portfolio

The online etymology dictionary describes the origin of “portfolio” as follows:

1722, from It. portafoglio “a case for carrying loose papers,” from porta, imperative of portare “to carry” (see port (1)) + foglio “sheet, leaf,” from L. folium (see folio). Meaning “collection of securities held” is from 1930.

I have been revising my portfolio, only the outcome of the work I’ve been putting into it is turning out to be more of a recreation. The previous version was only 25 pages, which only focused on teaching philosophy and teaching portfolio, while the current draft is closer to 60, which has expanded to incorporate the educator, performer, and researcher components of my profession. At some point in the future I might add a composer section, only I’d like to create a CD with selected works first, and before I can do that I must produce the recordings, which of course means finding other musicians to perform the music. Composition has always been one aspect of my career but not the main focus, so I haven’t placed as much priority on having my compositions performed or recorded. However, I hope to change that in the future.

The last time I revised my portfolio was in August of 2011. Now, a year later, the table of contents includes:


SECTION 1  Assistant Professor (Percussion)

1.1 Letter of Interest

1.2 Curriculum Vitae

SECTION 2  Music Educator

2.1 Teaching Philosophy

2.2 Teaching Portfolio

2.2.1 Introduction Essential Elements The Multifaceted Instrumentalist

2.2.2 Primary Objectives

2.2.3 Entrance and Placement Auditions

2.2.4 Program of Study

2.2.5 Percussion Curriculum and Course Descriptions

2.2.6 Literature and Materials Selected General Texts Selected Percussion Methods and Literature Instrument Materials Additional Materials

2.2.7 Practice Expectations Defining and Meeting Goals Practice Frequency and Durations Methods of Practice

2.2.8 General Logistics

2.3 Community Outreach and Student Recruitment

2.3.1 The C4P Series

2.3.2 Lesson Recruitment Program

2.3.3 Concert and Open Forum

SECTION 3  Music Performer

3.1 Interview Recital Program

3.2 Compact Disc Tracks

3.3 Recordings

SECTION 4  Music Researcher

4.1 Research Statement

4.2 Research Paper Abstracts


Contact Information

Additional Materials Available Upon Request

And that’s that. The portfolio will be spiral-bound with high quality covers and I’ll insert a CD inside one of the covers. I’ll produce 6 copies: 4 for the members of a search committee, the 5th for a department chair, and the 6th for me during a campus visit and interviews. The contents of the portfolio will receive more revisions in the future. I modify and customize the Educator section for the institution, which includes changing the specific courses to align with their course titles, numbers, and course information in general. I also adjust the program of study depending on the type of college or university, be it a 2-year or 4-year institution.

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Return of the Doctor

One year ago today, my doctorate was conferred. I also started this blog. When you take a look at the whole “daily for the most part” aspect of it, and when you consider the entire year overall, I lived up to my word. I managed to crank out a post a day everyday for the first 8 months, though it started to get to a point where I was posting primarily diddly, such that a minimalist could interpret the posts as divine. Right, okay maybe not. So, given that the posts were dwindling down to filler & hoopla for content, I decided to just take the last 4 months off. Technically a little over that. You could say it was “daily for the most part”. Sort of. There are still a few topics that I might touch on again in the future. I might also extend my blogattical (web log sabbatical), perhaps a few days, weeks, months, or maybe even indefinitely. In any case, the blog was, or I suppose you could say still is, an experiment. Right now I have the web crawler/spider bots disabled so internet search engines and social networks cannot automatically grab my posts. Only WordPress users and random online visits from strangers come across this blog. I might go ahead and open it up to more of the world. Maybe. If I keep this thing going. Or I might just shut it down. We’ll see. I think I’m going to stop with the “Entry 120515.0515” stuff after this entry, it has served its purpose.

Entry 120515.0515

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Writing a Book

From my 100-page thesis to my over 200-page dissertation, and the several papers that I wrote throughout my collegiate studies, writing has become a fairly easy process. Writing for the academia. Writing fiction, on the other hand, not so easy.

A while back, WordPress started popping up a sidebar after publishing every post, which indicated how many posts I’ve written – today makes 236 – and the tab includes a random quote followed by a few links, each of which are mostly useless. Just last week one of those random quotes was great but I lost it. So, whenever I come across any additional insightful or entertaining quotes, I’m going to grab them. The following popped up on yesterday’s sidebar.

“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.”

– Steven Wright

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Stop and Go

I’ve found myself posting in groups lately, getting caught up in other daily life tasks and activities such that I’m unable to post for the day in this blog. So, I just make up for it by filling in the blanks on the next day I get a chance to write. It’s certainly a “daily for the most part” blog, I describe in the About page. With exception to the last 2 weeks of 2011, I don’t usually back-date the Entry info that I put at the bottom of posts. The last 14 days of ’11 also served as the longest duration that I have gone without posting since I started this blog (back on the first day I became a doctor). Several posts have also been written prior to their actual publish dates. The stop-and-go approach seems to work. On those days that I don’t have an opportunity to post, it helps to have already written entries that will be automatically published. The only downside to that is I don’t always know which days will keep me away from the blog. Divine Diddly is basically an experiment. We’ll see what comes of it.

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Money Talks

People say that money talks, that it is power. Not only when having money is it easy for it to work for you but, also, when money is demanded. Bills on top of bills, with a sprinkling of more bills. All of the incoming and outgoing passing of dollars requires an effectively organized system just for simple maintenance, and even then sometimes something might slip through, such as that old hospital bill.

On another note, here’s a pretty impressive show presented by a lighting technician.

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Went for another midnight run, this time the temperature outside was freezing with a wind chill below freezing. The body warms up when going for a jog with ice cold temperatures, yet it does not hold up so well to the bitter cold bite of repeated gusts of wind. The freezing wind manages to penetrate through layers of clothing. It blasts through every fiber and all the way to the bone. A brief jog in those temperatures is doable. Any colder and it’ll be time to shift to a daylight run. Of course, avoiding especially windy routes also helps. We’re still neck deep in the cold of winter, so we’ll see how things turn out with the time of day.

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Healthy Addictions

Exercise. At about 12:00 AM, on January 1st, 2012, I stepped outside and went for a midnight run. It was more of a jog but well worth it. I’ve had tendencies in the past at fluctuating between being less and more physically active. It’s time to pick things back up and, who knows, maybe even get addicted to it. There are a few healthy addictions, particularly of the physically active variety. This, I consider as one of them.

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